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OceanTherm will be a company solving real, meaningful problems and contribute to improved social systems. 


Our mission is to work towards a sustainable future in countries exposed to Hurricanes and Typhoons.



The costs and impacts of naturally occurring storms in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans have increased over time and will continue to grow in the future. Population growth and climate change are strong contributors to this pattern. On top of the devastation, the storms are responsible for a loss of natural resources, pollution and oil spills, and carbon-intensive rebuilding and retrofitting efforts. OceanTherm seeks to tackle this challenge by implementing systems that work against this pattern.

Primarily, we address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal no. 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, and specifically the SDG target 11.5: By 2030, significantly reduce the number of deaths and the number of people affected and substantially decrease the direct economic losses relative to global gross domestic product caused by disasters, including water-related disasters, with a focus on protecting the poor and people in vulnerable situations. 



Our priority is to benefit people and society at large in an improved and sustainable world. 


Collaboration over competition. Sharing resources 

and always focus on finding the best possible solutions to the challenges we face. 


Those who benefit from our solutions are people from all walks of life and society at large. We aim to reflect the beneficiaries of our solution with a balanced and inclusive team.  


We will be measured on quality. Our strength lies in the process of how we work. 


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